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Matteo Squire
3rd year BBA student

"He aprendido mucho en el Makers Club y hay una ambiente muy sympatico! Tambien pienso que en el ano que viene, vamos a aprender aun mas, y no puedo esperar! "

Amazir Nimgharen
2nd year BBA student

"The Makers Club is what I hoped for when coming at ESADE.
I've always wanted to build a sharing app for my friends, and now I'm doing it!"

Louis Benarbe
4th year BBA student

"A much needed breath of fresh air in an otherwise desolated associative life."

Omar Boughaleb
2nd year BBA student

"This is by far the most active club here. We foster our skills in technology and take on fun challenges. What I like most about the club is that it feels like a family!"